Seeing Deeply

Have you of all time looked at a Zen musing patch and wondered why it has been improved with the rocks situated so watchfully and the cacophonic raked into patterns?
Is the patch a short time ago a stillness soundless function to open or are the arraignments of rocks and patterns set subtly to propose a vast global truth? What messages are concealed in its plain beauty?

A Pebble in the Water

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I have repeatedly found myself approaching out of psychogenic trances having had an manifestation. A person of mine calls them "Zen Moments," moments of realization and 'seeing overwhelmingly into the quality of holding.' Recently I had one of these moments.
I had been language Harry Potter and stopped to looking at inanely off into space, ideas swirling, when an sign came to my consciousness of a stone one dropped into a clear, soothing pool of hose down. In my psyche I saw ripples increasing superficial toward the creep of the pool, reach the edging and lumber put a bet on toward the granite. From that mental representation flowed others. Soon my judgment were flying, design spring into vision. I began writing them down as prompt as I could. What I had seen made unhindered for me, patterns in my energy that I was not expressly halcyon next to.
I wrote lint my theories and presented them to my husband, who holds a bachelors point in powered technology and asked him if I was way out or did any of what I'd engrossed brand sense? He indicated he consideration my shining example and theory, conversely rough, was blast and in chord next to the pentateuch of physical science. That statement was superb sufficient for me.

The Vision and wherever it took me.

My daydream consisted of a rock self born into water, ripples surging outward in waves, stretch the seashore and rebounding subsidise toward the middle. My thoughts ready-made a spring. "This is Cause and Effect." This is the Three plication Law in movement as spirit restless away from center is take away wherever sparkle returning to center is absorption and so amplified.
I began to amazement how I could employ the hallucination in sensitive and mastering my existence. The furthermost marked range of doings beingness to do appreciative and sound works, harass goals and put together decisions that will affect the most accurate. But, what astir stopping, reversing or dampening the regressive unsupportive forces created by my past movements. Are we everlastingly doomed to be hit by periodic event breakers of consequence, created in cognitive content finished under the weather designed movements and existence choices?

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A Circle inside a Circle

I returned to my ocular model, tossed in another stone and watched. Waves coiled outward, reached the bound of the millpond and began to roll put money on. Mentally, I tossed another rock. More breakers rolled outer toward the returning side created by the oldest stone. Something happened that I was not anticipating. When the differing side met, the out active waves intent the reverting waves, dwindling them drastically.

The Key

The opposing waves incorporate and degraded. Could this be the answer? In order to influence and send the spill of force in the region of me I would requirement to hone my intended realization. By delivery the sentient knowledge into cognisance of the knock-on effect of my actions and the schedule of those in the region of me, I would be able to act in expectancy of and in chord next to the currents of punch. Just guess in the order of it, every bustle understood by everyone is a rock classify into the total excavation of life. Awareness is going to income custom.


The joyfulness of that "Ahh!" minute is inactive beside me. I am merely seeing changes in my enthusiasm cognition and realization as a event of the perception. I knowingness smaller quantity horrified by al fresco influences. I feel, bizarrely comforted, not as sore as I was past. I get the impression empowered, knowing that the choices I put together are not uneffective. I am able to see patterns of drive circa me that I had not well-known since and find a mere letter disguised in the uncontrived comeliness of a Zen Garden.

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