As I've mentioned in my bio on our About Page, I tired several months reading out of the country in Japan. I saw some a vision there, of course, but one remembrance in selective sticks out. Towards the end of my instance in Tokyo, my English students came equally to initiate me to a crockery I unmoving omit to this day. In my instance location I'd move to acknowledge galore painting Japanese restaurants-the huge, moon-round tables for Hibachi cooking, the longitudinal sushi bars staffed near toiling men howling "Irashaemase!" to anyone who entered, the everlasting drinks and bar feed of nomi- and tabehodai-but this plop was contrary. There were griddles, yes, but they were on long, low tables, and individual one cook stood aft the bar (which had its own cookware). Where the heck was I?

"What mode of batsman would you like?" One of my students asked.


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"For your okonomiyaki."

I let them go for for me and watched, entranced, as the restaurant attendant brought a black bowl of hitter. Shrimp, chopped bacon, and carpet of chou were integrated in; the total messiness was poured on the cookware and the smell set off the "must eat" make a gesture in my mentality. Sipping fruit tree wine, we fashioned and flipped the preparation hash near pocket-size spatulas, later cut and served it. Love at front bite. "Oishii," I said, oral cavity stuffed of integrity. Delicious.

Pizza or Pancake?

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Often mistakenly delineate as "Japanese pizza," okonomiyaki are batter-based griddlecakes, more than related to a hot cake than a pizza pie. They use a flour-base batter, frequently next to grated yam, and e'er near carpet of cruciferous vegetable. What goes in historic that point? It's altogether up to you. "Okonomi" means "favorites" or "as you like," after all. You can cook virtually any characteristics of okonomiyaki, but that nighttime I ate a deluxe-shrimp, pork, and vegetables. The servings were ridiculous; the okonomiyaki, thick near ingredients and flavors, is a feast in itself, a scarceness in a region where on earth everything is a on the side container to the omnipotent bowl of food grain. I left-handed full, happy, and with decent rest for two meals the side by side day!

In tallying to the ingredients in the batter, okonomiyaki is served crustlike in dry fish flakes, tiles of seaweed, and inhibited in the condiment (helpfully named "okonomiyaki sauce"), which is similar to Worcestershire sauce, just sweeter and thicker. Other fashionable toppings take in Japanese mayo, fruit and vegetal sauce, or dish powder, but you're purge to put rightful in the region of anything on your helping. Careful next to that experimentation, though, because this is regularly a societal dish, expected to be devoured beside a wide group of empire.


You may be able to brainstorm sushi in any metropolitan from sea to shining sea these days, but the humbler okonomiyaki has never genuinely caught on present in the States. Maybe it's the appearance-the big, disorderly griddlecakes tang delicious, but outward show suchlike a cooking car wreck-or i don't know it's just "too Japanese," but anything the reason, few Americans have even heard the possession.

Fortunately, there's no involve to linger for the okonomiyaki way to hit your town-the crockery isn't unenviable to make, provided you're nearby an Asian bazaar. All you inevitability for the batter is few cabbage, flour, eggs, and water; the chill out is up to you. This recipe is a satisfactory starting barb. It even recommends a lot of realizable ingredients!

So side by side instance you're considering sushi or hibachi or whatsoever other than American-Japanese essential for the umptieth time, weigh up bucking treatment and looking at okonomiyaki resound on your cookware instead. It may look a pocketable original at first, but hey, wasn't sushi?

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