I suchlike to reflect on of myself as a frozen individual. Admittedly, I'm not as ordered hindermost as the wife, but that's a effect of her mode.

Being cool, soothing and now and then collected, I've been astounded by the response to the inferior conflict during the Carling Cup vital. The term 'handbags' is an unreasonable exaggeration; the better half throws more punches on a Sunday day when I try to dislodge her from the pad.

The sending off of Adebayor was extremely confusing. Emmanuel appeared innocent, yet was admonished severely; which coincidently was the work against of the DVD i watched after the lighter. I'm exploit stuck into the 8/15 for an Arsenal win complete Reading.

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I'm birth to obsession give or take a few the wife's female sibling. Her infatuation next to me is just about sure enough a phenomenon of echoingly rooted mental complications brought on by low pridefulness. Sweet. I'm not endorsement up the unpredictability to get on Wigan at 3/1 to belt Manchester City.

The Beatles may have told the global that 'money can't but you love'; but Wayne Rooney saved the disadvantage in that idealist erroneous belief. The expression on the walk is that Wayne is set to espouse Coleen, and the toll road relatives are really in the spiral. I'm romantically up to their necks with the 7/4 give or take a few Liverpool denting Manchester United's description blame.

We all have our microscopic quirks, not including for Birds of a Feather. The wife's female sibling has a foot fetish; I originally deliberation she was only actuation my leg. I'm dipping my toes into the 9/4 for a mark out relating Fulham and Aston Villa.

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Unlike the wife's sister, Middlesbrough have lone tasted beating on one natural event this time period. You must rear the Boro at 11/4 to win at Newcastle; i'm putt my ft set.

Andy Johnson is ne'er far from a 'diving' disputation. The small manslayer had the digit acerose at him over again ultimate week, which was much than enough for him to flip flop to the broken. Sheffield United can pilfer a tine off the Toffeemen at an quavering 9/4.

Frank Lampard should grain penitent of himself for squaring up to littler Cesc Fabregas. Lamps could have picked on person his own size; but in all fairness, Pauline Quirke was rehearsing for a pleasant-sounding. Chelsea can coil over and done with Pompey at a mammoth 3/5.

The concluding v matches between Bolton and Blackburn have either been unsuccessful or appointed by a unary strike; this is a genuine clank of the tight-uns. I'm track and field on the 17/2 for 'no goalscorer' similar it was a Russian court game contestant. Preferably not Davydenko.

There's an air of close doom close Alan Curbishley and West Ham. They say it's never terminated until the female of a fuller fig breaks into song; 'Birds of a Feather, the musical' opens on Sunday eventide. Spurs can striker different nail into the Curb's coffin at 13/10.

The wife's mother has asked to check my period gambling advertising to assure that I'm not making any bargain-priced domiciliation at her disbursement. No business how substantially she pleads; she's not deed her safekeeping on my column. Charlton can support their continuation dreams alive beside a win at the Vicarage at 9/5.

Frank Lampard is not sunny with this week's holder. Apparently, it's so mouthwatering; he's struggling to concentrate on the upcoming throng with Pauline Quirke. Last week's accer duty-bound at 25/1; Arsenal, Charlton, Chelsea and Tottenham will locomote cause at a burly 15/1.

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